Jay Wu, the founder of Fujin Tree Group, is a man who cherishes the quality of life and a creative entrepreneur with the soul of an artist. After having lived in the U.S., Canada, and Japan, Jay was eager to promote Taiwan’s new lifestyle, and in 2012, Jay established Fujin Tree Group. The group’s ambition is to advertise Taiwanese food and drink, businesses, and culture to the world and to bring foreign vitality and inspiration back to Taiwan.

Jay had spent 4 years studying in Tokyo, and the experience consolidated his determination to draw Taiwan’s pop culture closer to that of Japan. At the age of 34, Jay established Fujin Tree Group and became the market leader of Taiwan-Japan exchange by forming partnerships with Japanese brands such as BEAMS, UNITED ARROWS, ZOZOTOWN, H.P. FRANCE, PR01, YOSHIMOTO, and Journal Standard. Jay’s helped these partners open stores in Taiwan and kick start public relations campaigns to expand their business.

With a highly sensitive perception and taste of lifestyle, Jay soon opened a lineup of 20 trendy, innovative, and creative stores in Taiwan, including Fujin Tree Cafe, Fujin Tree Taiwanese Cuisine & Champagne, Fujin Tree 355, Fujin Tree Ice, Curry & Coffee by Fujin Tree, greendays by Fujin Tree, Relaxing Trip by Fujin Tree, etc. Jay’s efforts bore fruit in the end. In 2014, Fujin Tree and Taipei City draw the attention of international media such as Monocle, LV City Guide, GQ, TVBS, and NIKKEI and several coverages were dedicated to the story of Fujin Tree.